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Museum events

Museum events

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The Year That Made Antarctica

The Year That Made Antarctica – Exhibition Tours

Tuesday 13 June, 3pm - 3.30pm
Tuesday 27 June, 1.15pm - 1.45pm

Join us for a free tour of our new temporary exhibition, The Year That Made Antarctica: People, politics & the International Geophysical Year

Over dinner in the spring of 1950 a party of scientists produced an ambitious proposal for a global year of science: the International Geophysical Year was born. With a heavy emphasis on Antarctica, thousands of people from dozens of countries came together to learn about our planet. Among many other achievements, the year laid the foundations for the Antarctic Treaty which has preserved the continent for science and peaceful activity for almost sixty years.

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Suitable for 16+

Free entry.

South Pole

The Future of the Antarctic Treaty

A talk by Professor Klaus Dodds

Monday 26 June

6pm – 7.15pm

How do you govern an international continent? When twelve nations met in Washington DC in October 1959 to create the Antarctic Treaty, spirits were reasonably high. The Antarctic Treaty was intended to build on the legacy of the International Geophysical Year (IGY) of 1957-58, with a vision of a continent where international science and peace prevailed.

An area beyond national jurisdiction, the Antarctic is not like the world's oceans and atmosphere - seven countries are claimants and the two then superpowers (US and Soviet Union/Russia) reserve the right to make a claim to the world's remotest continent.

Professor Klaus Dodds will be looking back as much as looking forward as he discusses the future of this treaty. Can it continue to provide the necessary legal, moral and political framework to govern Antarctica peacefully?

Available to view before and after the talk, an exhibition on the International Geophysical Year, The Year that Made Antarctica.

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Little Explorers

Little Explorers

5 July & 11 September:

10am – 10.45am & 11.15 - 12pm

Join us on an adventure to explore the Poles through story and play. A different story each session.

For under 5s only. Places cost £1.50 per child payable on arrival. Children under 1 are free.

Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please come ready to start at 10am.

Please book by emailing stating your child's full name and age.