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Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Polar Studies

Dissertation Research Topics

The central feature of the MPhil in Polar Studies is the 20,000 word dissertation, undertaken within the context of the research agenda of one of the Institute's research groups.

These topics are examples of the types of research undertaken by MPhil students; this should not be viewed as an exhaustive list of possible topics.

In all cases, applicants are encouraged to discuss their interests with the potential supervisor before applying. We also will consider applications from students with their own proposals, provided those proposals fit within the overall research agenda of the Institute. In these cases, it is vital to discuss your ideas with your potential supervisor.

Examples of recent dissertation titles are available.

Possible Projects: Humanities and Social Sciences Strand

History and public policy

Supervisor: Dr Michael Bravo

Anthropology of Northern peoples

Supervisor: Dr Piers Vitebsky

Possible projects: Physical Sciences Strand

Glacier and ice sheet processes

Supervisors: Dr Neil Arnold (NSA), Dr Poul Christoffersen (PC), Prof Julian Dowdeswell (JD), Dr Gareth Rees (WGR), Dr Ian Willis (ICW)

Glacimarine Sedimentation: Processes and Patterns

Supervisor: Prof. Julian Dowdeswell

Polar landscapes and remote sensing

Supervisor: Dr Gareth Rees