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Grants awarded: 2011

The Committee met on the 26 February 2011 and made the following awards:

Expedition Report Description Award
Irish-Scottish East Greenland Expedition 2011 Report Ski exploration and first ascents of peaks and routes in the Renland peninsula of Scorsby fjord. Expected snow/ice/mixed alpine climbing of moderate to hard grade. £2,000
Collaborative Research Report Identify octocoral samples, preserve them, extract DNA and prepare samples for phylogenetic work. £650
British Geikie Plateau Expedition Report To gain access to the Geikie plateau via the Vestre Borggletcher (VBG). To undertake exploratory travel in this little visited icecap region and to identify and make ascents of prominent mountains in the area, including first ascents. £2,000
Imperial College, Svalbard 2011 Report Unsupported trek for 350km from the mouth of Templefjorden north to Newtontoppen, summiting and continuing north to reach the tip of Ny Friesland and returning. £2,500
Willing the Dragonfly Postponed to 2012 By undertaking an expedition to Svalbard, ultimate aim would be to transmute experiences and research into poetry and introduce a new audience/readership to a range of urgent environmental concerns. £1,000
Anglo Danish Arctic Challenge 2011 Postponed to 2012 To be the first team to retrace Augustine Courtauld’s original 1935 Anglo Danish expedition that man-hauled 110 miles from the East Greenland coast to climb Gunnbjorns fjeld. £2,000